Suction Cups

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Suction Cups



Suction cup accessories

Mounting elements

The mounting element programme consists of mounting brackets, height adjusters, level compensators and suction cup extensions. The parts are designed to fit together for different sizes and applications. The parts are easily mounted on several standard extruded profile systems, not just suitable for one brand of profile. All parts of the same size-category fit perfectly together and thereby create an easy-to-use, compact and flexible/adjustable mounting “assembly kit” for cups.

Level compensators

Adjust differences in levels, for example on lifting devices with several suction cups. There is then less demand for exact positioning of vacuum handling device. Level compensators will also provides a certain degree of shock and vibration absorption.

Ball joints

To avoid bending stress, a suction cup can be fitted with a ball joint.


Our suction cup valves are a group of products that serve to save energy in various applications at the suction cup.


A variety of fittings for suction cups.


Angle adaptors, t-slot adaptors etc.

Cost Effective solution for Suction Cups

Value Line

The entire Value Line® program consists of suction cups and vacuum ejectors. Value Line® suction cups are developed for standard/basic applications. The suction cups have a long thin lip and provide good sealing on slightly corrugated surfaces (such as corrugated cardboard). The Value Line® vacuum ejectors are available in two different designs, the traditional inline that can be installed directly on the hose close to the point of suction and the T-design that allows exhaust air to be piped away. The T-design is also suitable for clean-room environment. Typical applications for this product line are case/carton erectors with other examples such as equipment for loading/unloading or sorting sheets into metal forming machines (laser cutting, water jet, punching etc.) and parts removal from injection molds.

Suction cups

Value Line® suction cups are suitable for standard/basic applications. The suction cups show good performance at a value price.

Vacuum ejectors

Light weight and small sized vacuum ejectors with integrated push-in fittings. The vacuum ejectors will show approximately 30% energy saving compared to a similar competitor ejector.