Roller Compactor

The roller compactor is designed for precide adjustment of three variables to allow for different kind of material. The three adjustable Roller Compactor 4variables are Screw Speed, Roller Speed, and Roller Pressure; the calculation fo bulk dansity is related to adjusting of the roller gap, the screw speed and the roller speed. The capacity differs depending on the bulk density of the materials according to the following equation.

Roller Compactor 1

1. The Roller Compactor is designed to have 3 functions in one unit. These are compression, milling, and granulating. It is a simpler operation than wet granulation (mixing, pasting, kneading, drying, sifting, and granulation etc.)
2. No water or other liquid is added, so the loss of active ingredients due to decomposition can be eliminated. Highly stable granules can be obtained.
3. Feeding Hopper can move up and down by the inbuilt hydraulic system for ease of maintenance and cleaning.
4. Charging screw and roller speed are designed for precise and variable adjustment.
5. The pressure of hydraulic system is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of materials.
6. Wide ranges of screen mesh size are available for the granulator screen.
7. The temperature of the roller system can be reduced by the connection of a cooling system to the rollers.
8. The connection of a cooling system to the bottom of hopper will further reduce high temperatures generated during the operation that maintain the product quality.Roller Compactor 39. High percentage of re-usable granules can be reached by the better-designed breaking blades and fine crushing rollers.
10. OPTIONAL:A vibration sifter, which can filters small or undersize granules for re-granulation is available as an option.
11. OPTIONAL: An automatic suction conveyer for the charging or recycling of powder or granules is available to assist in the reduction of labor costs and to maximize the production.
12. The resulting granules are uniform. The tablet weight can be controlled within narrow limits.
13. The resulting granules are suitable for direct compression without slugging.
14. The resulting granules of light powder can be easily filled into capsules.
15. The resulting granules flow easily for efficient automatic filling and packing procedures.
16. No water or air pollution treatment is required.
17. This machine can be maintained easily and requires a small floor space.
18. For the processing of thermo sensitive materials, the rolls can be fitted with a cooling system.
19. ISO 9002 Registered Manufacturing.

Roller Compactor 2