FBD / Tray Dryer

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FBD / Tray Dryer

Complex Fluid Bed Dryer:

1. The multi-functional design for spray granulation and pellet coating.
2. External spray gun is easy to be observed and adjusted.
3. The rotary table design makes the coating uniformity and high roundness, particle damage will not happen.
4. High permeability, drying rate is better than centrifugal coater.
5. Rotary table of different air permeability is changeable according to different process condition.
6. Solution volume of the spray gun can be adjusted according to the loading capacity.
7. Easy to discharge.
8. Coated pellet density is higher than the bottom spray (WURSTER).
9. Pellet coating procedure is faster than bottom spray coating (WURSTER), less material loss.

Continuous Fluid Bed Dryer:

Yenchen Machinery Co., Ltd has an excellent reputation for product and services in the world, including tablet process line, controlled-release pellets equipment, automatic extraction and concentration equipment, oral dosage equipment, injection equipment, ointment equipment. The total solution and customized services for pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology, chemical engineering, and cosmetics industries makes Yenchen the leading biotech pharmaceutical equipment suppliers in Taiwan.

Yenchen successfully developed YC-FBAS-1200, continuous fluid bed dryer ,working capacity 700 ~ 720Kg / hr. In the use of high-pressure blower, let powder or granules floating in the drying chamber, hot air from the bottom up through, sufficient and uniform 360∘ contacting the powder or granules, the water evaporation, so the drying efficiency is particularly good. Unique modular design makes the product system can be equipped with different dehumidifier, heater, and automatic control function modules, to fully meet the different requirement of each user.

Design of this machine can reduce risk of contamination in the transportation, save labor and the drying time. It is easy to operate according to the SOP without specialized technical personnel. And it is easy to clean, easy to maintain. Due to the superior functionality allows users to reduce manufacturing costs. All contact materials are made of non-reactive, non-decomposable 316L stainless steel, and use of Teflon or Silicon packing. All welded personnel have valid license, and the machine will proceed inspection, polishing, pickling, and cleaning procedures before delivery.

Yenchen adhere the core values of innovative research and development, combined with multiple resources of industry, government and scholarship, to develop new products to meet the requirement of the industry, expand to the feed market.

Fluid Bed Dryer, Granulator, Coater:

Top Spray Granulation: Spray atomized binder or active ingredients on the fluidized to form the uniformity granules.

Bottom Spray Coating: The concept of Bottom Spray Coating is also known as Air Suspension Coating, is to separate pellets or granules from one another in an air stream and spray a coating binder onto the pellets or granules while they are suspended. When the hot air passes through the bottom screen of a container and draft tube (Wuster insert), it will generate the siphon principle. The granules will fall down and will be sucked into the draft tube (Wuster insert) again, while the bottom spray gun will spray towards top to achieve coating purpose.

Side Spray Powder Coating/Film Coating: The Side Spray is better for coating with high firm content. The cores (seeds) are placed on the turntable and hot air is blown upward between the turntable and the granulation area. The 

coating solution is sprayed on the rolling cores through the pump and spray gun. The process involves simultaneous coating and drying of the cores, the repeated actions achieve the desired coating thickness or granule size. Powder Coating is achieved by charging powder and spray binder at the same time.


1.Drying: Wet powder or granules drying
2.Top Spray: Spray binder on powder for granulation

3.Bottom Spray: Pellet Suspension Coating or Film Coating, Enteric Coating
4.Side Spray: Pellet Powder Coating, Suspension Coating or Film Coating, Enteric Coating
5.(Aqueous or organic solvent are applicable)

Suitable for:
Granulation/Drying>Pellet (Controlled-Release Coating): Film Coating, Enteric Coating and Powder Coating

Optional devices are available:

1.Double Shaking type of FBDD, basic machine with drying system is available to add on:         

1.Top Spray Granulation: Provide powder granulation function
2.Bottom Spray Coating: For Pellets Film Coating or Enteric Coating functions
3.Side Spray Coating: For Powder Coating granulation, Pellets Film Coating or Enteric Coating

2.Explosion Proof System (when organic solvent is used):
1.2 Bar pressure resistant design:Suitable for 1 floor plant or the room is on the top floor(Safety relief duct towards up)
2.2 Bar pressure resistant design:Suitable for the room beside outdoor(Safety relief duct towards back)
3.10 Bar pressure resistant design: No safety relief duct
4.Safety relief duct: An organic solvent is not used

3.WIP or CIP system
4.Dehumidifier device
5.Dust collector system
6.High accuracy air volume/pressure measuring device
7.Powder leakage detector
8.Suction device (Or connect with YENCHEN’s Super Mixer and Granulator)
9.Vacuum discharge (Closed type)
10.Lifting and tilting device

1. Follow the regulations of cGMP, PIC/S GMP, FDA
2. Multi-purposes: One machine can perform multiple functions, Drying, Granulation, Powder Coating, Pellet Film Coating, Pellet Enteric Coating

3. High drying efficiency: YENCHEN’s FBDD is 10 ~ 20 times faster than conventional drying oven
4. Temperature control can be controlled from room temperature to 100℃, law
temperature drying at 35-40℃ and an optional dehumidifier can be installed for thermo-sensitive product like probiotic

5. The inlet air is filtered by a final-filter to secure the cleanness of the inlet air
6. Touch Screen Interface control system: All the parameters can be memorable, multilevel of passwords can be set, connect to the diagrams printing are optional available
7. Two sets of valves are interacting automatically to suspend the granules continuously


1.Top Spray:

1.Pharmaceutical: For medicines, biopharmaceutical, and Chinese medicine’s granulation or drying
2.Food: Instant food, juice powder, seasoning, food additive,lactic acid bacteria’s granulation or drying

2.Bottom & Side Spray: Medicines and healthy food for a controlled release of active ingredients

Spray Granulator:

Drying: The high drying efficiency is because the powder or granules are fluidized in the drying chamber and the container is using a turbo blower, the hot air passed through the powder or granules from bottom to the top of drying chamber to remove the humidity.

Granulation: Spray atomized binder or active ingredients on the suspension powder by spray guns to formm the uniformity granules.

1.Drying: The better time saving of YENCHEN’s FBD to dry powder or granules is 10-20 times faster than the conventional oven.
2.Granulation: The better fluidity and solubility of the granules after spraying the binder or active ingredients fromm the top to the fluidized powder.

Description of the process:
Super Mixer and Granulator → Fluid Bed Dryer and Granulator → Cone Mill → Tumbling Mixer

Optional Devices are available:
1.Explosion proof system (when oranic solvent is used)
i.2 Bar pressure resistant design; Suitable for the room is on the top floor (Safety relief duct towards up)
ii.2 Bar pressure resistant design; Suitable for the room beside outdoor (Safety relief duct towards back)
iii.10 bar pressure resistant design; No safety relief duct
iv.Safety relief duct: An organic solvent is not used
2.WIP or CIP system
3.Dehumidifier device
4.Dust collector system (Dry or Wet type)
5.High accuracy air volume / pressure measuring device
6.Powder leakage detector
7.Suction device (Or connect with YENCHEN’s Super Mixer and Granulator)
8.Vacuum discharge (Closed type)
9.Lifting and tilting device

Model Choosing:
Single Shaking type of FBDG: For this model cannot add bottom spray or side spray.
For bottom spray or side spray please choose YENCHEN’s Double Shaking type of FBDD.

1. Follow the regulations of cGMP, PIC/S GMP, FDA
2. High drying efficiency: The normal granules drying time is about 30-45 minutes/batch, FBD is 10-20 times faster than the conventional oven
3. Top spray atomizing: Fast spray granulation time and uniformity
4. Mixing, granulation and drying are in one machine: Save space and time
5. The integrated drying chamber has a strong strength and easy to clean
6. One of the features of Fluid Bed Dryer – the bag filter movement is designed by an auto pneumatic operation
7. The inlet air is filtered by a final filter to secure the cleanness of the inlet air
8. The bag filter is made of a static electricity conductivity cloth to discharge static electricity
9. Touch Screen Interface control system: All the parameters can be memorable, multilevel of passwords can be set, connect to the diagrams printing are optional available
10. An optional dehumidifier can be installed for the thermosensitive product like pro-biotic
11. Customized equipments to connect with other equipments like Super Mixer, Cone Mill, or Lifting Device, etc.

Through Circulation Dryer:

The Drying object either powder or granules is placed on the drying grays which are made of special screens or punch hole plates and covered around by filter cloth.
The drying trays are placed in the special designed trolley which has several layers perfectly matched with the drying chamber.
The air suction is drawn by the exhaust blower which is placed beside the drying chamber. The hot air passes though the drying objects from top to bottom and takes away the moisture form each tray.

1. High efficiency: The hot air quickly removes the moisture from drying object to maintain the product quality.
2. Short drying time: The drying rate is 2~4times faster than the conventional dryer.
3. Constant drying: No need to stir the drying object at all time.
4. Temperature uniformity : The temperature in each tray is controlled with in ±5℃(Loading 50~80℃)
5. Precise temperature control: The temperature setting point can be controlled within ±2℃.
6. No color difference.
7. Air inlet with automatic controlled damper can avoid reverse air flow.
8. During the operation process , the chamber will be in negative pressure.
9. All processes are controlled by PLC.
10. The drying chambers’s surrounding is completely welded to ensure no insulation wool will fall into the chamber.
11. Easy cleaning and maintenance.
12. The movable trolley can move up and down and easy clean.

1.Heating system by electricity or steam is available and can be both selected or use independently. (In case of night time , there is no steam supply then can use electric heating.)
2.Safety relief duct can be selected as optional (for explosion prool)
3.Automatic Circulation system.
4.One pass type air outlet can be selected.
5.Temperature recorder.
6.Inlet air filter (hepa filter)
7.Air outlet control by automatic damper.
8.The contact material change to SUS316.