Extraction, Concentration, Granulation-Turnkey Equipment

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Extraction, Concentration, Granulation-Turnkey Equipment

Extraction 2

Agitating Type:

Filling ingredients→pouring water→extraction→discharging liquid→discharging ingredients→filtration→discharging dregs

Cleaning function can be performed by auto operation.

The crushed dregs are able to be removed to outdoor through conveyor belt.

Installing explosion-proof system is advised for usage of alcohol.

This type is suitable for less categories and large volume production.

Extraction 2Basket Type:

Easy operation

For more categories and small volume production

Vacuum Concentration Equipment:

Low temperature concentration: 50~60⁰

High Vacuum: 600~700mmHq

Effective Concentration

Spray Drier:

Turning concentrated liquid into powder through instantaneous high temperature

Fluid-bed Granulator/Dryer:

Spray binder or active ingredients from the top to the fludized powder to form granules which enables a good flow and instant ability of granules.

Extraction 1