Capping & Sealing Machines

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Capping & Sealing Machines






Automatic Capping Machine
(Sealing/Press on/Screw on)









The machine is designed for containers of various forms. Being good looking, not damaging bottles and meeting cGMP rules, it is easy in operation, short change-over time for different container and caps, thus very economical for one-machine-multiple application operation. These automatic capping operations include applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and detergent industries.



Roll-on cap sealing

The sealing head is a sealing roller, possible for adjustment of cap sealing tightness without affecting smooth appearance of caps. It is easy in bottle size change-over for different bottle cap sizes.





Screw-on cap sealing

By using a mechanical arm to pick up the cap, place it under sealing head, precisely place it on top of bottle by the sealing head, this process ensures a very smooth and exact sealing operation. The sealing head is also equipped with adjustable torque as needed for individual cap & bottle, in addition to tension absorbing mechanism to extend sealing durability. It is easy in bottle size change-over for different bottle cap sizes


It is a rotary, multi-sealing head design for faster sealing operation to meet customer’s high volume requirement.